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Bengisu Gokce was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1991.

After succeeding on the entrance audition for Mersin University State Conservatory, she became a student of Ebru Yunkus and attended the master classes of Cihat Askin, Ozcan Ulucan, Veniamin Varsawski and workshops by Nuri Iyicil, Albert Markov, Lucas David, Mikhail Gotsdiner and Stephan Picard.

In 2004, Gokce joined the Mersin University Academic Chamber Orchestra. In the Gulden Turali National Violin Competition, organized by the Mersin University State Conservatory, she came in third in 2004 and 2008, won the Best Interpretation of a Turkish Piece Special Award in 2004, 2006 and 2008.

She has performed with the Bursa Regional State Symphony Orchestra and the Mersin University Academic Chamber Orchestra as a soloist and collaborated with other musicians such as Cihat Askin, Hagai Shaham and Itzhak Rashkovsky. She was one of the two concertmasters in the Dogus Kids Symphony Orchestra since its establishment in 2004 and graduated second in her class in June 2011 from Mersin University State Conservatory, where she has since worked as a teacher.


Gokce has given concerts with the World Youth Orchestra in Germany, Italy and Monaco and Iran. In 2012, she got accepted to ‘Hanns Eisler’ College of Music in Berlin, Germany and studied with Prof. Stephan Picard. She was one in four Turkish students invited to play in the International Youth Chamber Orchestra founded by Turkish Cultural Organization TURKSOY and performed in concerts in the United States.

In January 2015, she got accepted into Berklee College of Music. As well as solo performances at Boston Symphony Hall, MIT Kresge Auditorium, Berklee Performance Center; she won the 2015 Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition and the 2016 Berklee Performance Division String Award. She performed with worldwide known artists such as Tigran Hamasyan, Aynur Dogan, Mark O’Connor, Pablo Ziegler, Toninho Horta, Amal Murkus and many more.

As of January 2015, she is continuing her studies at Berklee College of Music.

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Concert Videos

"Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra the Freedom Train"

'Berklee Presents the Fisk Jubilee Singers at Symphony Hall'

Violin Solo: Bengisu Gokce

Composed and Conducted by Julius P. Williams

Boston Symphony Hall,

February 21, 2016

"Black Elk's Dream" by Bill Mobley


Berklee World Strings & Bill Mobley

Conductor: Eugene Friesen
Violin Solo: Bengisu Gokce
Trumpet: Bill Mobley 
Sax: Bill Pierce
Clarinet: Shannon LeClaire
Piano: Tim Ray
Bass: John Lockwood
Drums: Neal Smith

Berklee Performance Center,

March 7, 2016

"Suda Balik Oynuyor" by Neset Ertas

The Cay Party Recital III

Arranged by Bengisu Gokce and Mahir Can Kucuk

Voice: Bengisu Gokce,
Kanun:  Firas Zreik, 
Fretless Guitar: Ben Knorr,
Baglama: Mahir Can Kucuk,
Piano: Mona Seyed-Bolorforosh,
Electric Bass: Liam McIntyre, 
Drumset: Nick Sanchez

Berklee David Friend Recital Hall,
October 17, 2016

"Milonga Sentimental" by Sebastián Piana

Vocal: Mirella Costa

Violin Solo: Bengisu Gokce

Arranger & Pianist: Tomas Kaco

Berklee Performance Center,

November 10, 2016

"Pintura Negra" by Alper Tuzcu


'Between 12 Waters'- Alper Tuzcu's album release concert


Electric Guitar: Alper Tuzcu

Vocal: Luisa Torrealba

Violin: Bengisu Gokce

Cello: Pia Bourne Haug

Cajon: Alexis Soto 

Cambridge Multicultural Center,

May 18, 2016

"Dennis Alexander's Violin" by Calvin Vollrath 

The Cay Party Recital IV

Arranged by Ben Knorr

Violin: Bengisu Gokce,

Electric Guitar: Ben Knorr,

Tenor Sax: Paul Meland,

Voice: Mahir Can Kucuk,

Kanun: Firas Zreik, 

Piano: Mike Stapleton,

Electric Bass: Liam McIntyre, 

Drumset: Nick Sanchez

Berklee Lawrance & Alma Berk Recital Hall

January 26, 2016

"J'oublie (Oblivion)" by Astor Piazzolla

NEC 26th Annual Celebration Concert 

Arranged by Maxim Lubarsky

Yelena Dudochkin, soprano
Bengisu Gokce, violin 1
Peter Barratt-Due, violin 2
Hui Qi, viola
Kevin Crudder, cello
Keala Kaumeheiwa, bass 

NEC Jordan Hall,
March 13, 2016

LIGHTS - Drive My Soul by Cory Allen Staats [LIVE]

Cory Allen Staats EP Release Concert

Violins: Bengisu Gokce & Gabriel Majou
Electric Guitar: Sam Finkelstein
Bass: Max Finkelstein
Back Vocals: Dede Kimble & Tiffany Wilson
Drums: Nicole Tomaszewski
Keys: Nicole Alexandra

Villa Victoria Center For the Arts, Boston, MA

July 15, 2016

"Bekar Gezelim" by Grup Lacin 

The Cay Party Recital IV

Arranged by Mahir Can Kucuk


Voice: Mahir Can Kucuk,

Violin: Bengisu Gokce,

Kanun: Firas Zreik, 

Electric Guitar: Ben Knorr,

Tenor Sax: Paul Meland,

Piano: Mike Stapleton,

Electric Bass: Liam McIntyre, 

Drumset: Nick Sanchez

Berklee Lawrance & Alma Berk Recital Hall

January 26, 2016

"Hedwig's Theme" by John Williams

Harry Potter Soundtrack Orchestra (Live at Berklee)

Conductor: Gabriela Gomez Estevez

Berklee Performance Center,

March 10, 2016

Music Videos

"A String Quartet" by Gilad Barakan

Violin I: Layth Sidiq

Violin II: Bengisu Gokce

Viola: Dan Lay
Cello: Nathaniel Pasague Taylor

Recorded and Mixed by Roy Boukris
Video Production by Athanasios Lazarou

Recorded at Mix One Studios Inc, Boston, MA

November 23, 2016

"El Bodeguero" by Richard Egues

Arranged by Quinteto Diapason

Violin - Gabriel Majou
Violin - Bengisu Gokce
Cello - Alberto Paulos
Bass - Irais Brito Hierrezuelo
Percussion - Takafumi Nikaido

Recorded at BIRN (Berklee International Radio Network)

Recording engineer - Eiji John Mitsuta
Mixing engineer, assistant recording engineer - Simon Katz

Filmed by 21summit Productions
Videographer, editor - Joe Barnard

Mastered by M Works Studios
Engineer - Jonathan Wyner

"Black Girl Magic" by Niya Norwood & Nikko Ielasi 

Musical Director, Arranger, Producer & Pianist: Nikko Ielasi
Lead Vocal & Vocal Arrangement: Niya Norwood 

Recording Engineer: Jose Moreno
Recording/Mixing Engineer: Cal Brockie

Video by K. Greene Productions
Videographer: Kevin Greene & Joe Barnard
Editor: Teo Karakolev

Mastered by M Works
Engineer: Jonathan Wyner

Recorded live at Berklee Performance Center

August 22, 2016

Casey McQuillen - Come Back To Me

Casey McQuillen - Vocals
Charles Humenry - Guitar 1, Background Vocals 1
Ben Barnett - Guitar 2, Background Vocals 2
Bengisu Gokce - Violin

Parker Ousley - Cello

Caleb Barnett - Percussion 


Arranged by Casey McQuillen & Charles Humenry
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Ben Barnett

Video by K. Greene Productions




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